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Aine Greaney Ellrott - Writer and Communications Professional


Professional Experience


I've been working with nonprofits for most of my professional life (20+ years), with a focus on healthcare and higher education. I'm also a published writer and journalist with bylines on health, wellness, immigration, behavioral health, addiction treatment, psychology, youth education, arts in education, social justice and other topics.

As part of my media relations work, I've pitched and placed stories in publications such as The Boston Globe, WGBH, NPR Canada, The Boston Business Journal, NECN, The Lowell Sun, The Merrimack Valley Magazine, North Shore Magazine and a host of trade publications. 

As a journalist and essayist, I've published my own work in Cognoscenti/WBUR, The Boston Globe Magazine, The Irish Independent, Salon, Huffington Post and other outlets. 


Storytelling for Good

Long before I reached the legal age to work for money, I was telling stories. Now, as a grown up, I'm proud to bring this skill to my work with nonprofit organizations.   

Our stories should teach, explain and enlighten. Our stories should build bridges of understanding or empathy between us and our audiences or constituents--our funders, our patients, our students and our community partners.  

I'm the writer and editor. For  digital services (web, photography, video, desktop design), I work with some creative, fun and trusted professionals. We keep it simple but elegant. 

Together, let's help your organization to tell your best stories for great outcomes and measurable results.  


Our Value Story


- Experienced 

- Gracious relationship builder

-  Committed to social justice, equity and advocacy

- High standards 

- Efficient project manager

- Hard work combined with laughter, comfort and joy

Education, Training and Memberships 

- MA in English and writing

- B.Ed in teaching

- Certificate in grant writing

- Training in narrative medicine, science writing and the arts in healthcare

- Member, American Medical Writers Association


We're glad you're here. Take a look around.   Learn more about me and my background at LinkedIn.  Or check out some sample projects at my online portfolio.  Check out our specializations and services in healthcare and education. Then, get in touch and let us know how we can help you.  

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